The Write Side

Client: Tim SandersDate: March, 2013

Tim Sanders asked me to design and build a bespoke Wordpress site site for him to act as both portfolio and blog. He wanted a design that was organised enough to represent the corporate nature of his work but also had enough flair to show off the creative side of his work.

Pearls From Oysters

Tim had this phrase in mind when we first discussed the site and we toyed with various ideas until settling on the bold image used on the homepage and throughout.

Custom Theme

The Wordpress theme was built from the ground up, and I put in place various custom content types such as 'testimonials' and 'portfolio items' and adjusted the Wordpress admin so that Tim could easily manage entering and organising special content.

In addition I set up various bespoke shortcodes so that Tim could add in buttons and links to files, properly styled, with just a simple code in the CMS.


The site makes use of Wordpress's in-built blogging facilities, all styled in line with the custom theme.