Regan Warner Design

Client: Adam EllisonDate: January, 2013

Adam Ellison is a print and web front-end designer / coder and we often work together on building sites for his clients - I manage the backend, CMS delivery and he creates the initial prototype.

Pixel Perfect

Adam builds his prototypes to exacting standards and signs them off with his client prior to my starting work, so it is vital I properly represent that work in the final CMS.


In this case the site was to run off the back of Wordpress, so I built a custom theme from the start, ensuring the final HTML, CSS and jQuery completely matched that of the prototype.

Shortcodes and Admin

The client needed to be able to post video and images into the site easily, so in addition to the core Wordpress facilities I organised shortcodes to make this as simple as possible.

As always I provided a stripped down version of the Wordpress admin interface for the client, showing only the key elements they needed to make it simple to operate.