My Pet Is Here

Client: Moonshine MediaDate: April, 2012

Monnshine Media brought me in to help complete and further develop this Facebook based app in 2012. The site is an extensive and complex build based on the CakePHP framework, and is tightly woven into the Facebook environment via their API, allowing users to sign up using their Facebook accounts and share pictures of their pets with one another.

Modern UI

The site makes extensive use of jQuery and AJAX to avoid page loads and deliver content more smoothly. The site is e-commerce capable and users can buy credits which in turn can be redeemed for gifts they can then give to other users.

Sharing Content

Users were provided with the ability to create and style multiple photo albums after they had created an account, and could upload as much content as they liked into these for sharing. Other users are able to Facebook-like content, and this is used to draw up weekly top tens of the favourite pics.

Charity Links

A key aspect of the site is that is linking into various charities, allowing users to sponsor rescue dogs for example, and keep up with their progress online.