Museum of Avant Garde Art

Client: Anikst DesignDate: Autumn, 2014

Having built the Wordpress backend to Anikst Design's own website, I was recently brought on board to create an entire site from the ground up for their client MAGMA, the Museum of Avant Garde Art, a bilingual Wordpress driven site that needs to support both Russian and English content.

Animation and Image Galleries

The site makes extensive use of high resolution scans of the artwork found in the museum, and the client required that we apply both animation of such content on the homepage and also the ability to zoom in on even tiny details when viewing any of the scans available on the site.

Extensive Galleries

The site hosts a significant amount of content and is built to avoid page loads wherever possible, using AJAX and jQuery to smoothly switch between views. In addition it needs to take account of variable sorting of content when switching between languages - with artists' names appearing differently between English and Russian scripts.

Pixel Perfect

The site has been built from scratch as a bespoke Wordpress theme and needed to be pixel perfect for an exacting client.