Joke Exchange

Client: Moonshine MediaDate: October, 2012

Moonshine Media asked me to build this simple Facebook App for their client Jacamo. The site needed to be built in CakePHP and comprised two elements: a user facing front-end that allowed visitors submit and read jokes, and a simple CMS backend where the client could approve, manage and edit jokes that had been submitted for display in the app.

Photoshop to Code

I was responsible for the entire build based on Photoshop design files: chopping up, HTML, CSS, jQuery and PHP backend.

AJAX Driven

It was vital that page loads be avoided as much as possible, so the app makes a lot of use of AJAX - for joke submissions, searching and displaying of jokes.

API Integration

The site was of cours fully integrated into the Facebook environment via their API. In addition as part of the CMS backend, one of the features was that the client should be able to select a joke each month that could be sent out to users. To do this the CMS was integrated into the MailChimp services using their own API.