Client: Adam EllisonDate: October, 2013

This bespoke CMS build has been created for Adam Ellison, and his client Chris Everard. The site operates as a single page into which content is loaded on the fly using jQuery and AJAX.

Precision Delivery

The site was initially prototyped to the client by Adam using just frontend code, and I have put together a CMS driven verion of the site based on that prototype, matching his code precisely - so what the client signed off on is exactly what has been delivered at the final stage.

Multiple Galleries

The site allows the client to easily upload and manage multiple image galleries via a drag-and-drop interface in the backend.

Custom CMS - CakePHP

The client did not want a Wordpress CMS but preferred a bespoke setup that was precisely configured to just manage his content and nothing else. I created a custom CMS build using CakePHP as the framework, and making good use of jQuery to enable drag-and-drop uploading of images, drag-and-drop category management and gallery ordering.

In addition the CMS allows for content to be edited but not published immediately, and for errors to be undone where necessary. The result is a lighweight and simple to use CMS just as the client requested.